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Friday, January 30, 2015

You'd think I would write on my blog much more frequently than I post videos on my Youtube channel....
 I mean, the realness of it all is that I only have 1 friend that I actually hang out with....and we see each other a few times a month (mainly cause we both have kids and work full time).

I create and post videos on Fridays when I ship my little offspring off to grandmas house so I can get a solid 5 hours of recording in...But even when hes home, he goes to bed by 9..sometimes 10pm.

So whats my excuse?

I really dont have one to be honest. I used to love writing..Heck, I used to have  Livejournal account that was used sometimes 3 times a day! (I deleted it, no need to go look for it).

I just need to get on here and vent sometimes, even if its not venting. Maybe its just some pondering something that I recently heard. Maybe its just wanting to gossip to someone who cares about how funny kim kardashians most recent TMobile commercial is, and why I agree with her. Or how terrible the way the last season of Game of Thrones ended, and now I have to sit here in constant misery until it re-airs. (Let's not discount the brains - no pun intended - behind The Walking Dead)
Maybe I found an amazing recipe on Pinterest that I substituted with some stuff to make it Vegan or healthier, or my version straight up just tastes and looks better. (Doubt it cause I'm not that great with a camera and editing). Then there's those times you go to see a movie, shell out 10 bucks to get in, and 20 dollars on food you will only regret the next morning when you step onto the scale, but not before you tuck into bed with a growling stomach because the food you ate wasn't indeed food, but a fatty filler, and you need substance right bloody now... at 1AM!


Well, I'll tell you what I'm not doing.....I am not getting in the shower to get ready for date night with my husband who plays hockey until 6pm, and will be home expecting to have dinner then head out. And, with that being said......I didn't even make dinner......

Gotta get started on 1 of the 2 before he gets here.....Obv's I'm gonna shower. He can take me out for dinner.

Thanks for listening to this nonsense!

Mariam Monroe

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